by Evan Batterton.


The other day I wrote a little tidbit concerning the wealth gap that seems to be growing exponentially here in the United States and I received some very positive responses from you guys and I really appreciated it. I believe what fueled the popularity of the essay was numbers. The truth was told and it was irrefutable. Once the evidence was laid out, and the president was exposed for the fraud that he was, then not a single Obama-bot commented on the article as they often do when I talk about drones or compare him to Hitler (that’s more fun than anything). I had mentioned the Federal Reserve, Chinese fear mongering, and how the national debt and growing inflation was beneficial to the rich but I didn’t really expound upon the Federal Reserve, the debt and inflation. I didn’t feel it was the right time because I had a more important point to make that day. Generally the movement towards truth, transparency, and liberty has a very fundamental and basic grasp on what is happening thanks in part to Ron Paul and other guys like Jesse Ventura. As part of the movement we are all “awake” to the fact that money is simply being printed and will hold no value that way, or at the very least the value is decreasing at a sharp and steady rate, but I think it’s a little more complicated than that and if we are going to debate with people that are part of the left versus right paradigm then we have an obligation to defend our cause to the best of our intellectual ability and I want to share some of my techniques in intellectual self-defense with all my brothers and sisters.

That is a pretty bold term to use: “Kleptocracy.” I can’t think of a better way to put it. A plutocracy is about as destructive of a label as leadership can get, where the majority of the people and wealth are ruled by a small “elite” group of wealthy individuals, but in my estimation that line is being crossed and soon the government, Wall Street and the international banking cartel will be stealing EVERYTHING we have worked for and not just most of it like they do now and hyper-inflation paired with the Federal Reserve will be the excuse and China will be the scapegoat. This is psychopathic behavior because the men and women in politics are aiding in the enslavement of the people and working side by side and hand in hand with the bankers that have bought and paid for them. The role of a central bank is to finance the government deficit by printing money and this is a huge problem here in the United States. The United States borrows $2.6 million dollars every MINUTE, and the word borrow is being used as substitute for CREATE. The United States is creating a national debt at the tune of, and I’m going to embed this in everyone’s head, $2.6 million bucks a MINUTE! This is unacceptable and there is no end in sight. The opposition the Republican Party posed to the President over the fiscal cliff and his request to raise the debt ceiling not one week after the “cliff” reached an “agreement” was a ruse for the media and it was used as misdirection in an economic magic show on national level. I can say this fairly confidently and shoot down anyone that calls the left versus right illusion a conspiracy theory on very strong circumstantial evidence.

I sort of have to call the evidence circumstantial because the only hard evidence would have to be obtained via a confession or through illegal wire-tapping. Although the following evidence is labeled circumstantial it is still sound, common sense evidence and anyone who calls me paranoid needs to realize that expecting a sniveling politician to tell the truth is more absurd than grounding decisions and personal policy on circumstantial evidence. The facts are that Congress has actually raised the debt ceiling 6 times between 2008 and 2011! Part of the “agreement” that the leaders of the GOP and President Obama reached called for at least $2.4 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years, with $900 billion in across-the-board cuts to be enacted immediately, and as I have pointed out before the Republicans love to yell and scream about domestic social programs like Medicaid, food stamps, WIC for pregnant mothers and on and on but have no problem participating in upper class welfare such as bailouts and foreign aid to the already wealthy nation of Israel. This is all a damn show. The Republicans and Democrats are working together to line their pockets and permanently enslave everyone underneath them and the first step on domestic soil I for a successful tyrannical government is usually an catastrophic economic threat. Obama doesn’t care about the 99%, homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, or Mr. Magoos and the same goes for the GOP. There is a script being written and read and the script in 2011 read something like cutting government spending however part of this farce was to cut specific government jobs in banking oversight. There was a clear and flagrant move that abolished all regulatory agencies, emptied the FBI, stopped securities and exchange commissions, fired what little central bank regulators there were and any involved in oversight.  Then leave the door open for the criminals to fully bankrupt the people. This is no theory. These were facts that were meant to look like demands that needed to be met before the ceiling could have been raised, which in turn, were meant to fool the people into thinking the Republican Party was being hard on deadbeats by taking swings at social programs. They all want to prevent American citizens from working for the Federal Reserve and other financial security and regulatory positions in the name of cutting spending. It was utter bullshit and should be considered treason. Republicans, tea party candidate winners as well (not the voters) want to do the some thing that Obama would like to do and their fellow Republicans. I’m sorry to say that anyone with the label of Republican or Democrat, no matter how much of a freedom candidate they appear to be, simply cannot be trusted. The icing on the cake in 2011 was what the Treasury Department was willing to do to “help” in all of this mess.

The Treasury Department, in an unprecedented move said it was going to start selling bonds for the Federal Reserve to help the institution cope with its extreme borrowing. Why does the Treasury Department issue bonds, which is actually debt, to the Federal Reserve, which is suppose to be the “lender of last resort” created to fund the banks and the federal government in 1913? How can the Federal Reserve “borrow” money when it’s creating it? The only possible way for the Fed to borrow money is to borrow from itself to pay itself back and that will clearly drive inflation up and the value of America down across the board.


I cannot answer that question for sure. Only federal politicians and members of the banking cartel know the exact date, however, even the most basic analytical mind could forecast a rudimentary outline for the Klepto-plan. The false agreement in 2011 was supposed to allow the government to borrow through the year 2012 and last early on into 2013. I saw President Obama on the joke of a news network, CNN, talking about our debt ceiling right after the government issued a statement stating there was an agreement reached DEMANDING that the debt ceiling to be raised yet again. This is how its going to work I think: The American people are going to be fed a stream of propaganda about how HITTING debt ceiling and “defaulting” on United State’s loans would be unprecedented, and the economy would descend into chaos if we defaulted on our credit to foreign powers. This is, of course, blown way out of proportion but it will be effective enough to get public support. The reality is that, that statement will be a lie in its entirety.  I came to a pretty sound conclusion. Its common knowledge and factual knowledge that NO government anywhere has ever paid its debt back. It’s just that simple. Once the debt ceiling is raised the chatter from government economic experts in the field of inflation and the debt ceiling will increase dramatically and what is going on now is a growing number of economists making television appearances and saying things to the effect of, “The dollar is strong and the government can never go bankrupt because the government is its own issuer of debt.” I have seen these arguments made before and these appearances are set up to de-sensitize people to the idea of no debt ceiling at all. The debt ceiling will be called symbolic and merely a formality and after the elite feel that we’ve been softened up enough they, themselves will appear, and the puppets on Capitol Hill will assure the public that the U.S. dollar needs no debt ceiling, just as it did when it assured the public that the dollar needed no gold backing. All government and banking white color crime will be decriminalized, our books will be fudged for a limited time and it will appear that the economy has hit the black line because of the money printing, the dollar, out of the blue and to the surprise of many most will destabilize overnight, and then it’s all over but the crying. Remember though, that it will begin with fear mongering about defaulting, there will be a lot of talk about owing China money, and through a combination of fear and media de-sensitizing the majority of the public will comply.

the media has been very good at directing public aggression towards China for a number of things including and ranging from them being completely “godless commies,” a police state and the source of most of our debt and economic problems. The two former accusations are only partially true, and the economic accusation is a complete spin. The list of countries that the United States owes a minimum of $100 billion dollars to isn’t a long list at all, and the list is comprised of Russia, Great Britain, Brazil, China and Japan. Japan and China are easily the biggest creditors but each of the nations holds a little over $750 billion dollars. As everyone can see the debt the U.S. owes to East Asia is about $1.5 trillion. Again, I find it important to point out that the United States carries a $16 Trillion dollar plus debt.  The average American walking down the street has been led to believe that China owns the United States economy and that is a lie.  Chinese fear mongering will play a key role in the coming Kleptocracy as they will likely be the scapegoats. The elite bankers are clever rats and wonderful at shifting blame and attention.

The Rothschild financial domination is a fact as far as the United States is concerned. Many conspiracy theorists call them one of the 13 “Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines and it really doesn’t matter what skeptics or critics of these theories say; it will never change the fact that the Rothschild Family and other Zionist Elites exist and are the largest and most influential financial powers in the world by far. The Federal Reserve is essentially comprised of unethical but legal (Federal Government wouldn’t have it any other way) monopolies in the areas of mutual funds, hedge funds, various pension funds, foreign and American investors that fall into the categories of private and corporate investors along with private super-banks. All of these will then fall under the umbrella of JP Morgan Chase Bank that has steadily partnered and purchased these various groups since 1913 and like Bank of America, the UN World Bank, the World Conservation Bank (now GEF), and the list goes on and on; JP Morgan Chase Bank is owned by the Rothschild Family. The Rothschilds are very clever, subtle, and prefer to remain working in the shadows so to speak, and the family clearly demonstrates its manipulation skills by keeping out of the public eye by using its subsidiary institutions to keep focus off of the family and to keep public outcries of transparency to a bare minimum.

We don’t have a Chinese problem in America. What we have is a massive currency problem that is being propagated by gang of ruthless psychopaths. Knowing that everything can literally be traced to one family with a single last name is a very difficult truth to accept, not because it’s unbelievable, but because the obsession with greed and global control is so maddening and sickening that only true evil could successfully undertake a responsibility of that magnitude without collapsing from guilt.

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  2. Nobody's Fool · · Reply

    Hey, Evan.How’s it goin, bro? Have some housecleaning to do on fakebook before I can read all of these. Have to keep my real friends safe, but will come back to your blog. Have been dying to read this stuff, especially the one about the school. Keep it real, bro You always do.

  3. I love your great posts at http://evanbatterton.wordpress.
    Quality facts about this subject, thank you for posting about it.

  4. Stephen Sinner · · Reply

    It seems incredible to me that the struggles everyone in the world goes through every day over shadow the big picture. This can not ignored any longer by the main stream media, such as CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS. You know how this gets ignored, right?

    I highly recommend anyone, and i do mean Anyone, who is so sick and tired of the corruption, the lies, the In Your Face disregard for your well being, and those of your loved ones by your government to read this article by Evan Batteron to see what is going on behind the scenes, the details, and the Names involved of all the sinister plots that should never, ever be forgot.

    1. Thank you so much my friend.

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